Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mineral Makeup History (part 1 of 2)


Mineral makeup did not just appear out of nowhere or is just a recent discovery.   Although, mineral makeup is still not mass produced, it is increasingly getting popular among women.  Since most people nowadays are paying more attention to their chemical intake and its effects on the body, there is now a trend on healthy lifestyle.

Actually, the use of minerals can be traced back into the time of ancient Egyptians.  Egyptians take pride on their appearance.  For them to be close to their gods, they need to be beautiful.

What kind of mineral do they use for their makeup?

Their eye makeup was mostly consisted of malachite, green ore of copper and kohl.  Galena is also used for the eyes.  This eye makeup also served as eye protectors from the hot and reflective rays of the sun in the desert.  Their red lips would come from the red ochre.  The same minerals are used for giving color to the cheeks.  Each mineral used would come from a different place.  Malachite came from the Nile valley, while galena would come from upper Egypt and the Red Sea.

Early Egyptians also believed that makeup is not only means of attaining higher spirituality, they are also used for practical reasons.  Malachite and galena are both used as eye protectors.  While there are others used for their ability to repel insects and help the body adapt to climate changes. Aside from this, ancient Egyptians believed that black makeup can drive evil sprits away.

Romans did not associate physical appearance to their religious beliefs.  But they were already using makeup like lipstick and blush for the cheeks.

Ancient Greeks also used mineral makeup because they wanted to be close to the gods.  In Greece, ancient women who belong in the high class rarely go out and get exposed to the sun.  That is why women with pale skin are regarded highly, so they started using makeup to make the skin appear pale.

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